Rihanna Makes Time’s Influential People List

Barbadian super-star Rihanna is one of 25 people who made it onto Time’s 25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2017 list. Others include: Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Matt Drudge. The list features people who make a huge impact through social media. Read more on Time.com

Barbados, Tax Or The Axe

You can’t have it both ways. That’s the message from the Minister of Finance to the leadership of two unions who are threatening to shut down the country over the Government’s planned increase to the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL) from 2 to 10%, and a 2% tax on forex transactions. The Minister said either $240m needs to be raised by taxes, or a reduction in government expenditure by the same amount. Read more on nationnews.com